How to Detect High Quality Coating Steel Pipe

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Coating steel pipe is now a very high rate of a pipe, we racked our brains, in order to allow you to pick a better coating steel pipe to provide you with a test method.
1.Impact test
In addition to the appropriate room temperature range, but also in accordance with the relevant national standards, the impact of its operation, in order to see the changes in the coating.
2. Visual inspection
This is the best way to look at coated steel tubes. On the appearance of steel pipe should be what kind of standards, the relevant state laws are provided.
3. Bend test
If you are not allowed to buy their own coated steel pipe is good goods, may wish to ask the store to bend test. In accordance with the provisions of qualified coating steel pipe, bending angle should be about thirty, and the room temperature should be controlled in a certain range, too high or too low, are not up to the detection standard.
4. Pinhole test
Pipe coating length of about 1000mm, with the EDM leak detector on the test tube under the specified test voltage, the coating thickness of not more than 0.4mm, the test voltage of 1500V, coating thickness greater than 0.4mm, the test voltage of 2000V The Check the presence or absence of spark, the test results should be consistent with the provisions of 5.5.
5. Adhesion test
The adhesion test shall be carried out in accordance with CJ / T 120-2008 and the test results shall comply with the requirements.
6. Flatten test
DN> 50 mm coated steel pipe for flattening test. The length of the test piece is (50 ± 10) mm. At a temperature of (20 ± 5) ° C, the test pieces were placed between the two plates and were gradually compressed on the pressure tester to a distance of two fifths of the outer diameter of the test piece. The pipe weld is perpendicular to the load application direction. After the test, check the coating, the test results should be consistent with the provisions.

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