How to Seize the Opportunity of Coating Steel Pipe Industry

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by great123 • 6 Posts

Coating steel pipe from the material performance point of view is a strong new composite materials, with revolutionary significance of the upgrading of the industry can promote the development. For example, both the pressure and corrosion resistance of large diameter inside and outside the coating steel pipe is seen as a world-class problems, large diameter multi-layer coating inside and outside the patented by the international gold medal. China's domestic and foreign plastic pipe industry development is also very fast, the current production of steel-plastic composite pipe products business has more than 60, the annual production capacity of more than 300,000 tons, the export volume has increased year by year, the domestic market of steel-plastic composite pipe market The share of the ever-increasing. To improve the competitive advantage of mining coating steel pipe industry, we must improve the quality of steel-plastic composite pipe product quality.
Ordinary tap water pipe replacement products, it has both steel pipe, pipe strength and stiffness, but also has a plastic pipe wall is very smooth, good self-lubricating, no rust, no scaling, fluid resistance, resistance to abrasion, corrosion , antibacterial health and good flexibility and so on. Compared with the cable threading pipe: coating composite steel pipe linear expansion coefficient is lower, not shrinkage, coupled with food grade epoxy resin is a polar material, and the strong integration of steel. At room temperature for a long time will not appear separation, shedding phenomenon, inside and outside the coated steel pipe, especially in the anti-thermal expansion and contraction has a better performance, better weather resistance.

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