Specific Demand for Welded Steel Pipe Products

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Harbor machinery in the container cranes, grips, locks; car on the sub-frame, the engine exhaust pipe, instrument panel bracket; sports-type multi-purpose passenger car on the light axle; in the heavy truck on the axle drive axle, load axle tube; the skeleton of the bus, the window frame and other parts of the various types of special tube; marine engineering equipment on the oil derrick, drilling pipe, pile legs; engineering construction machinery on the cement pump with a special metal pipe straight seam welded steel pipe, and so rapid growth, which are all special metal products straight seam welded steel pipe.
It is called a specific metal products, because it is specific. According to industry insiders, special metal products, "special" is to meet the multi-industry users of high-performance materials and high-tech standards. "Different" to meet the multi-industry, different users, different application environments on the shape of the demand. And its "special" and "different" slowdown. On the use of steel is also more special, the performance requirements of steel than ordinary steel is much higher income, much more strict, much larger. Corrosion-resistant special metal products, fatigue-resistant specialty metal products and easy-to-weld special metal products, the use of steel must have high strength, high toughness, high resistance to high-strength special metal products, Grinding, ultra-low temperature, fatigue life, high tensile strength and yield strength. Such as the rapid spread of straight seam welded pipe, marine platform equipment for its various components of the strength, impact toughness, low temperature performance, etc. have high requirements. Especially with the gradual reduction of global oil reserves, harsh environment, more and more oil equipment, oil derrick pipe must withstand -30 ℃ ~ -50 ℃ low temperature impact to avoid brittle fracture. Therefore, most of the marine platform equipment with excellent performance of the specific metal products, the steel used by not only requires high strength, low temperature toughness, but also have good resistance to seawater corrosion and other properties.

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